Monday, March 29, 2010


i decided to do something with my day and did an impromptu/amateur photo shoot with mademoiselle linh (of sarapluslinh) to post on our blogs (a pic of me below and linh's to come..) i'm thinking if all these other fabulous girls can do what they love - wear beautiful clothes, write about beautiful clothes, and take pictures of beautiful clothes - then i sure as hell can do it too! so here i am, very impressed with my mad terry richardson skillz (minus the creeper modelizer thing he has goin on) and i really believe this is something i can get better at and hopefully gain more recognition with. i may be ranting, but as a very seasoned intern for pr and journalism, i feel motivated to do something with what i'm good at - writing, trend spotting, and loving fashion. 

my love once told me to do what i love, and i will love what i do. so here it is. <3

chloe sevigny featured in elle uk's april '10 issue. perfection.