Friday, May 21, 2010


BANG: the newest fragrance by sir marc jacobs. but this time its for the boys. and for the FIRST time ever, Mj will be facing his own product. it's about damn time this beautiful man strips down. hmm..i wonder what this will smell like. perhaps sandalwood, gardenias, and a dash of narcissism??

from WWD, in an exclusive interview w MJ, marc said: "Posing nude was business partner Robert Duffy’s idea, said Jacobs on Thursday in an exclusive interview. “Robert and I work closely with Coty on these projects, and he said, ‘Marc, you look so great now — you should be the model for men’s fragrance.’ My immediate reaction was, I don’t know. But then I came to see that it made sense. Men’s fragrance, unlike women’s in a certain way, is very personal. It’s a layer on top of skin — for women, it can be like changing a makeup color, but not for men."