Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's FASHION for thought


sick of the same ol' blooms & blossoms as spring's go-to print? kick it up a notch & channel a Scotch, a la Jessica and Jane (of seasofshoes). a print that can clothe Kurt Cobain & Alexander McQueen is good in my book. 

i'm not much of a colorful wardrobe type person, although i know that i can't just wear black and grey everyday... SO i'm really loving the marni wedges on Sharne Scott and MAC's latest pucker collection, appropriately called "TO THE BEACH". shoes, lips, and fingernails in bright hues will do just the trick.

and on a final note, it's been all over the blogosphere that voluptuous super model Crystal Renn was a little on the "thin" side at Chanel's latest show. says her Ford model agent, Renn "isn't trying to be thin...her size fluctuates from 10-14." this woman is gorgeous & EMBRACES her curves. 

gotta love it.

have a fabulous memorial day wknd!