Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HERMES | constance

and here it begins. our mother has decided to put some of her Hermes babies up for adoption...and the first to go is the Constance - petite, bright, and versatile. will be up for auction on eBay in the near future...please e-mail me if you are interested so i can post it up for you quicker. 

i know for some of you, this may be considered a COIN purse compared to your gargantuan sized hobos, city's, and bowlers, but might i say that small handbags are coming back??? i mean, do you really need to tote around your whole life everywhere you go? no, didn't think so. small bag, less baggage, i say. 

just take a look at jak&jil's post on frame bags, titled "DOWNSIZING". you'll get the 'picture'. 

- Hermes Constance
- purchased @ Hermes, Las Vegas circa 2007
- Chevre Mysore leather
- Paladium Hardware
- Color: Vert Anis (bright apple green, the brightest of the Hermes green color palette)
- in EXCELLENT, PRISTINE has handbag OCD
- comes with original box & receipt