Sunday, May 2, 2010

le Versailles

a little over 2 years ago, i nestled in a flat in kensington, london, where i made a temporary new life for myself. i studied, i interned, i pub crawled, i shopped, i TRAVELED. and among the travels to rome, florence, venice, amsterdam, bath, stonehenge & salisbury, and oxford, it was on the top of my list to go to paris & versailles.

so when my travel sister tammy tran and i took the eurostar to paris for the weekend, i coaxed her into taking the bus to versailles with me. sofia coppola's marie antoinette was so breathtaking, that it made quite an impression on me (the costumes, the setting, the pastries, the eclectic mix of non-european actors!). so, with its genius soundtrack uploaded into my ipod, we took the grand tour through the chambers of the chateau and gardens...exactly where the young queen herself dwelled and ruled. oh, to live in such decadence!

if you ever get the chance to go to paris, take the short trip to versailles, s'il vous plais! it's so worth it. 

photos: kirsten dunst shot by annie leibovitz, Vogue Sept. 06; shots from marie antoinette by S. Coppola, and pictures i took on my trip.