Friday, June 18, 2010

FFfT: Boys' League


i'll be the first to admit that i am not that savvy on menswear. so, as announced that they were incorporating full menswear reviews and photos to their runway coverage, i gave myself a homework assignment: read CRASHING THE BOYS' CLUB . this who's who of the menswear world does a juxtaposition of the powerful women of fashion with their male counterparts.

photo'd above - sir robert rabensteiner (opposite anna dello russo), contributing fashion editor for L'Uomo Vogue.

how in the world did raf simons already design and show the jil sander spring 2011 collection? we're barely starting summer 2010! anyways, just posted photos from the show in their first-ever menswear runway coverage and i couldn't help but be blinded by the insanely bright color palette. only a select few can master this look, so boys...color with caution!

just taking a gelato break in between shows. this is so cute!

joseph gordon levitt is that quirky, eccentric, good boy-turned-hot type guy that i am most definitely into. i just had to include a photo of him and his impeccable style to go along with this man-friendly FFtF post. no other man can make drunken karaoke'ing of "here comes your man" sexier. definitely a Handsome Man's Club member.

what if a stranger came up to you and said, "hi, i'm really feeling you"..

i can dig it.

happy friday!



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