Friday, June 11, 2010

FFft: Chloé cravings


a candid interview with raquel zimmermann, chloe's spring/summer 2010 spokesmodel..walking around the tuileries garden in paris, talking about how she decided to retire for a season, but jumped at the chance to face chloe's new campaign. i love it when she said "chloe is like candy". girlfriend is soo right. chloe gives me a toothache too :)
a blue oxford shirt, nude stirrup leggings, leather sandals, & the mercie. so simple. so genius. lovelovelove!
yes, i do own one already. but, just like the balenciagasthat sophia and i both tote around, i feel like the paraty is tied with them neck and neck for the most beautifully constructed, versatile, & durable handbag out there. next on the list: luxe skinned in white.
i'm not one to invest so much in sunglasses...i just throw 'em around and would probably lose them by clumsily leaving them behind on the checkout counter or restaurant somewhere. but, if i were to choose a pair (or two, or three), i'd definitely go with a couple acetate frames, like the tilia or cat eye myrtres from chloe's spring/summer collection. where to get them? 80spurple has 'em all!
and a few parting words to our once beloved PADDINGTON:
paddington, when we first laid eyes on you, we fell in love. your gleaming leather, your brushed golden hardware, your 10-pound lock, and the key that unlocked our hearts. but now, we're sorry to say that we must part ways. we've moved on and so should you. hopefully someone on eBay will find you and treat you like the gorgeous satchel you are. <3

have a lovely weekend everyone!