Thursday, July 22, 2010

SHEARLING, sure thing.

i was inspired by all the shearling in my last post about j.crew's fall campaign and decided to compile a few random shearlingized thangs i'm lustin over...

as far as trend reporting goes, i am pretty confident that this particular one will be on everyone's radar come fall..

LAMIXX SHEARLING JACKET: i completely adore this piece. oversized collar, warm, and no fuss zippers or buttons. just throw on and GO. (on my must list)
i am truly, madly, deeply TORN over which one of these j. campbells to get to add to my repertoire of wooden heeled platforms. the LITA is so slick and paired with some over the knee socks, some cuffed shorts, a simple tee, and a blazer, i know the outfit would be pretty amazing. but then here we have the DENMARK. i don't know if its the cuffed shearling, the studs, or the wooden heel, or maybe all of the above, but i know for sure that if i don't have these for fall/winter, i will be doomed. what to do, what to do..? help! (solestruck, you got me good)
massive shearling collar worn by Emily DiDonato on the cover of Numero, August 2010
a jak&jil-spotted shearling'ed burberry bomber
liu wen working the shearling