Tuesday, November 9, 2010


not only is it the name of one of my favorite blogs, but the meaning behind this fashion mantra is fully representative of our style aesthetic here at the haute commodity.

"leCHEAP c'estCHIC" : mixing and matching high-end with high-street, vintage with re-purposed...something old, something new, something borrowed, and something balenciaga, we Tran sisters are all about layering it up, no matter what the brands are. 

my outfit, for example cost under $100 (well, you know..minus the purses and some jewelry)! i am an avid supporter of bargain hunting and cheap thrills. trends come and go so quickly that it's sometimes really hard to imagine paying full price for every item in my closet. there's a difference between investing in classic pieces and splurging on of-the-moment trendy items. 

so here's the breakdown of my outfit --

wool chain hat: f21, $14.80
stripe tank: vintage ck, $1
shorts: bdg @ uo, $10
stockings: uo, $14.
shoes: f21, $25
belt: ysl
sparkly cardigan: f21, $25
animal print cardigan: f21, $27.99
shearling jacket: lamixx, gifted (actually $138 here)
spike stack rings: nOir @ 80spurple, $42.

chanel + B-bag not included :) 

moral of the story is: you don't have to pay the big bucks to get the look you want. you just gotta take the time to find the pieces and mix 'em all together!

[chanel camellia brooch, f21 bangle, antique necklace frm uo, cartier trinity, nOir spike rings, telephone ring frm thailand]