Monday, December 26, 2011

Things Change... for the Better

As many of you have heard, I've severed all ties to Inspired By Ink. I was supposed to finish out the week there, but after some extreme recent events outside of my control (which left me with a bitter taste in my mouth) - I have found the best plan of action is to remove myself from that situation as quickly as possible. It's always sad when you have to leave something on an off-key note... but I can't blame myself for this one. I've been given a super good opportunity to work with some artists that I admire, and for that I'm very grateful for.

The new shop I'll be working at is currently under it's final stages of construction. It will be open in the coming week(s) and upon it's opening - I will inform everyone on how, where, and when to reach me. I am very excited to be a part of something fresh and new, with the potential to make a lot of awesome creative moves in the future.

To my clientele bearing with me during this transition, I appreciate your patience more than I can convey in a simple email or phone call. Moving (especially after being somewhere for so long) is never easy. I value everyone who has entrusted me with their skin, and I hope to have the privilege to give you even better work in the future. Take care everyone and keep posted!

David Tevenal