Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Australian wool Fashion Worldwide Features

Forget your old stereotypes about wool. Wool is the most versatile and practical natural fiber in the world. Modern production methods now create Merino wool products that do not itch and are machine washable. You can wear it or sleep on it. Wool is a natural temperature regulator, hypoallergenic, odor free, stain resistant, durable, animal friendly and environmentally sustainable.
Wool Revolution is dedicated to reporting exclusively on the virtues of itch-less machine-washable Merino wool and other fine wool products. We are not here to sell wool, only to report on it. Here you will find the latest news, informative articles, and a comprehensive web directory dedicated to everything wool. 

Woolmark licensees have enjoyed some of the strongest interest in their products for years under the slogan “Wool. Go Natural!” at two of the world’s largest interior textiles trade fairs.

As part of the Woolmark Wool Arena at Heimtextil, Frankfurt, Germany, which was held in January 12 – 15, 2011, Baur Vliesstoffe, H. Dawson, DBCwool, Hey-Sign, Jaspa Herington, Protex, Van Riel and Wool Products Australia all highlighted the natural beauty of home textiles made from wool.

“We have had a lot of new interest from customers wanting products that are natural, renewable and sustainable. We are finding wool is gaining ground particularly in bedding where we use Downs-type wools. People appreciate they have up to 25 per cent more deep sleep when sleeping with wool,” Jo Dawson of H.Dawson said. Watch Woolmark licensees talk at Heimtextil about wool demand.

The Woolmark Wool Arena was used as a meeting place for all things wool, where licensee co-exhibitors marketed the natural benefits of wool to 73,000 trade visitors from 136 countries. Suppliers, buyers and retailers along the wool pipeline discussed new, innovative products and technologies such as mercerised wool and machine washable wool at 60°C.

“We have seen a significant rise in interest for wool. We are in our 20th year and use 100 per cent pure Australian wool in our underlays and quilts as I believe it is the best in the world. Once people understand the natural benefits of wool there is quite an untapped market for wool, the growth prospects are significant I believe,” Barry Young of Jaspa Herington added.

Wool also fitted in well at the Domotex floor covering expo in Hannover, Germany where the issue of sustainability was the keynote theme. As a biodegradable, natural fibre, wool was ideally suited to gain the attention of the many thousands of trade visitors.

Both Barry Young and Jo Dawson said the use of the Woolmark logo on their products allowed consistent messaging over time about the natural qualities of wool. Mr Dawson said Woolmark also played an important role in upholding standards through product policing. An example of this is the Woolmark Carpet Inspection Service in India.

AWI/Woolmark Country Manager, Germany, Johann Embitterment agreed the trend towards natural and biodegradable fibres was creating opportunities for retailers to sell more wool products.

“Wool has natural breathability and moisture control, softness and resilience, as well as flame retardant and non-allergenic properties. When it comes to overall performance, safety and lifestyle appeal, wool is the perfect natural fibre.”

Australian Wool Innovation is a not-for-profit company owned by over 29,000 Australian wool growers. AWI invests in research, development, innovation and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool. 


Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) began as a not-for-profit company owned by over 30,000 Australian wool growers. The company invested in research, development, innovation, and marketing for Australian wool—from fiber to fashion and from wool growers to retailers. AWI acquired Woolmark and its brands in October 2007. With some two billion swing tickets produced worldwide, this mark of quality assurance was both recognized and trusted by leading retailers and their customers around the world. Having worked on branding and market stimulation strategies prior to AWI merger with Woolmark, Landor was approached to help reposition Australian Merino wool.


The Australian wool industry’s continual innovation, particularly in improving the production of Australian merino wool, means that it is now beginning to be seen as more luxurious, dynamic, and desirable. Landor worked with AWI to develop a visual identity that would reinforce these perceptions, propel Australian Merino wool into a premium position, and be flexible enough for future expansion. This meant strengthening Australian Merino, AWI key merino wool brand aimed at high-end fashion houses. Landon's challenge extended to AWI corporate visual identity to ensure a credible platform for the new Woolmark brand.


Landor created a strategic brand platform around the idea of moving, both in the emotional sense and in terms of the kinetic beauty of the fibers. This underpinned each strategic and creative execution including a fashion shoot in the Western Australian outback where garments were created on location—styled by Australian fashion’s it-girl Michelle Jank—solely from rolls of merino wool. With AWI, Landor created a visual identity for the new Australian Merino brand and an evolved corporate identity. Brand films were developed to engage stakeholders, ultimately evolving into key web and trade launch exhibition pieces. Landor worked on brand strategy, identity development, visual and photographic style, digital applications, and marketing collateral.

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