Monday, December 26, 2011

This speaks to me.

"Since the age of six I have had the habit of sketching forms of objects. Although from about fifty I have often published my pictorial works, before the seventieth year none is worthy.

At seventy-three I learned a little about the real structure of animals, plants, birds, fishes and insects. Consequently when I am eighty I'll have made more progress. At ninety I'll have penetrated the mystery of things. At a hundred I shall have reached something marvellous, but when I am a hundred and ten everything I do, the smallest dot, will be alive. I only beg those of you who will live long enough to verify the truth of my words."
-Katsushika Hokusai

Some will understand this. Some will think they understand this. Many will not. I thank Hokusai for doing something meaningful with his existence on Earth. I strive daily to be even a fraction of a fraction of what this man was. This is just one reason why I stay dedicated to my craft.