Tuesday, May 17, 2011


on a drizzly sunday evening, i decided to take myself out on a date to see the film, L'amour Fou (2010), at the Paris Theatre on 58th and 5th Avenue. without seeing the trailer to this documentary, i expected it to be a chronicle of the late Yves Sant Laurent's career, but as the film began, i quickly realized it was so much more. narrated by Yves' lover/YSL co-founder/business partner of 50 years, Pierre Bergé, L'amour Fou (translation: Crazy Love), takes us behind-the-black-rim-glasses of the greatest couturier of our time, with an intimate tour of their many homes, including their chateau in Norway and Marrakech. Bergé talks about Yves' success, his stints of depression, and with clips from interviews past, we really get to see how close their relationship was.

in one interview in particular, Yves was asked: your favorite poet? He smiles and says: Pierre Bergé.

weaving through the film are clips of Yves and Pierre's art collection being boxed up and collected by Christie's – a decision that Pierre easily made to auction off their museum-worthy collection of art. the film ends with the grand auction at the Grand Palais in Paris, where Pierre sits and claps after each piece he and Yves hand-selected themselves gets sold (for upwards of  millions of Euros). it was bittersweet and heart wrenching.

i laughed and teared up a bit and in the end was greatly inspired. if it wasn't for the love and support of Pierre, would Saint Laurent have ever been the YSL we know him as today? not so sure. that's why i am counting my lucky stars for being where i am today, with the love and support from my family and friends.

the trailer for L'AMOUR FOU: