Saturday, March 17, 2012

Best and Worst Airports Where You Can Find a Date

Thinking of finding that special someone but tired of going to regular places where you can meet people? Perhaps you can start trying at airports. For a place that supposedly connects one place to another, airports can also bring two people together.
Phoenix in Sky Harbor
A statistic of 364.9 days without snow and 81 percent of on-time flights will be good, but if you’re planning to spend some time lounging about and trying to find a date, then this won’t help. If ever you get the small chance of having a delayed flight however, head to the Bone Yard outside Terminal 4 which is a park that’s suited for meeting people.
Far from being considered as one of the ugliest airports, this one has stunning architecture. Perhaps because you’ll be busy staring at its beauty, there are only few bars and restaurants—30—inside one of the world’s busiest airports. Not much of a place to find and meet strangers.
Los Angeles
With hot celebs prancing about, you would expect posh shops and restaurants inside the LAX, but only fast food joints seem to be available here—eight Starbucks and four McDonalds, to name some. These fast food places won’t give you the time or the ambience to meet someone special.
Dubai International
Like the city where it is, the airport seems like a massive shopping mall. With so many different kinds of amenities inside, you’d think you can stroll and shop to your heart’s content. But in the desert, there aren’t that many problems which delay flights, so you really won’t have that much time to go around shopping and meeting people.
McCarran in Las Vegas
In Las Vegas there are only thirteen days of rain, and the airport is so close to the Strip that it’s a bit pointless to stay inside, if in case your flight gets delayed. Save your time looking for a prospect, as he or she is probably out, trying their hands in casino.
Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta
You won’t be able to catch fellow passengers and travelers here because this airport is amazingly huge, you’ll spend time finding your way and connecting between gates. Already one of the ugliest airports, you’re out of luck when you plan on staying and finding someone interesting here.
Toronto Pearson
In this airport, the bars and cafes are mediocre and few, despite the fact that in this place, many people get stranded because of snow. At best, you can go over to Terminal 1’s exhibit of Jurassic-era dinosaurs, and you might find someone interested at this, or someone who thinks it’s weird enough and asks you out somewhere else.