Friday, June 15, 2012

What do these dresses have in common?

So this gal wanted to make something special. She'd been looking for exactly the right thing. She had this clipping of a slim skirted sleeveless dress. But look at that back! It's a show-stopper. (This dress is by Jeannette Alexander.)

Then she had this much more sedate simple sheath with a boxy jacket. More like an office look?

So what did she find? This amazing Simplicity Pattern 2370. It has that sexy low back and the boxy little a terrific overskirt to change out the look. She did well!
(both clippings were found inside the pattern envelope.)

As a side note, the pattern is stamped "Parsons Dept. Store" and the address is across the street from my favorite coffee shop, but nobody remembers a department store ever being there, and I couldn't find out anything online. I'd love to know more.