Thursday, July 19, 2012

Women Need More Than One Handbag

To men, one purses is sufficient to suit every event. To women, there happens to be handbag of special style and shade to match different events. This conflict of opinion has triggered one too many closet-fights as it is. Consequently, here are a number of factors why women require more than one handbag.

Black rules but….we’ll confess this. Black goes with all…and I mean everything. From yellow-colored casual outfits to grey corporate suits. You can take a black handbag shopping and as well the very same black handbag into a conference. If you desire to combination with the curtains, excellent. If you do not, you require something dazzling, strong and organize with whatever you are dressed in.

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Shoulder bags look stylish and professional but it’s presently not right to take a shoulder bag to the beach. It’ll create you look dull and dowdy.

satchels are designed for women to carry their important documents devoid of having to lug just about a awkward ‘luggage’ of things everywhere. This performs amazing when out shopping.

The handbag print is in addition to extremely essential. You can carry your fun, trendy and colorful handbags out for fun trips. And meanwhile, you can take the more serious ones to corporate features. Think about what people will imagine when you carry a ‘Mickey Mouse’ print handbag to a company conference in China?

Backpacks and luggage are for traveling, not shopping! It performs just the same way and it’s fairly convenient too, we have to add, but it’s just not something you would wish to be seen holding around.

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The clutch bag, however, is awfully useful and stylish but you cannot be holding it to parties for the reason that you cannot precisely hang it over your shoulder. If that is the situation, you run the chance of leaving your handbag behind when it’s time to leave.

In conclusion, last but not least, women want different handbags for the very equal reason why men like to look at females. Actually, it’s because men be grateful for women's capability to spice up and look awesome – why in the world must not women spice up and look nice? Make ideal sense?