Thursday, October 3, 2013

Celebrity Summer Fashion Jewelry Trends

Celebrity fashion jewelry trends are on every lady's mind for the summer. We will take a gander at some top celebrity fashion jewelry styles this summer from your favorite celebrities. Among the celebrities on our list will be Beyonce, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. 

This summer brings the hotness with new varieties of celebrity necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that have been worn on the red carpet. Nikki Minaj hits a home run with her adorable new cubic bracelet that really complimented her outfit. There is also her sexy and chic jewelry of bright colors and layers that appear to have cool geometric graphics. This inspired jewelry designers to make geometric shapes with urban silhouettes. Nikki Minaj was seen on American Idol wearing a trendy square bracelet, she puts an emphasis on the patterns brought on by these funky geometric shapes.

Rihanna is boasting her layered necklaces this summer. These multilayer necklaces come colors , styles. You will also see her summer necklace that comes with vivid – gemstones or pure gold on the surface. Rihanna is can also is seen wearing her famous lion head necklace styles. These necklace styles come in many different colors.

The Basketball Wives jewelry is always a range. Their oversized earrings sexy and popular with ladies worldwide during this summer's fashion season. The Basketball Wives earrings come equipped with charms and other cute accessories. This celebrity inspired jewelry can also be personalized to your taste. Beads style rings are worn by Basketball Wives celebrities this summer making this type of ring jewelry very popular. 

Kim Kardashian is always making headlines and has inspired by flower jewelry. Ahe collections come in all types of floral hair pins and necklaces with varieties of colors. The pins have a vintage feel to them with darling daisy chains. A person can see her wedding flower bouquet style jewelry such as floral hair pins from a far distance. Kim Kardashian jewelry makes a bold statement it gets attention for sure. This summer Kim seen wearing her ID chain link necklace styles out in public too.

You can add a flair of glamour with Beyonce chandelier earrings. JThis style was inspired by Beyonce wearing them out in public recently. You can find celebrity jewelry with a Pearl finish, plastic or with precious metals as well. These sexy chandelier earrings are giving ladies both class and luxury. Whether you are going out to fun party or a romantic dinner date with your lover, you can wow your partner with your own stunning red carpet jewelry inspired by the celebrities.