Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Fashion For Man

The New Generation of Men's Fashion

There are very few times where men get the focus of the fashion world. Times are changing, finally. Men's fashion has always been around, but Europe's everyday man seems to dress more bold than any American. Why is that? Too many men in this country feel that style is weakness. But, that has all changed thanks to one big designer Michael Bastian and a movie with its own collection The Great Gatsby.

Michael Bastian is the God of modern American men's fashion. Looking no further than his Gant by Michael Bastian spring/summer 2013 collection. The look is inspired by the "Galápagos' Islands." This look is full of color, but touches on vintage American fashion. The mix is definitely a change to hit the streets of the city boy. The look gives city men a color alternative to the black suit that plagues our community. Gant's look opens the city boy up to taking an "adventure" by altering an image creating a new person within the new Gant collection. This collection has enamored the fashion community; it's time for the city boy to venture out and grab fashion by the collar.

If the suiting look is more your style, than GQ, this summer stop at Brooks Brothersand shop "The Great Gatsby" collection. This collection modernizes the classic novel's fashion, giving every man the option to pull some of the swagger of Leonardo Dicaprio. The collection has it all shoes, suiting, and best of all bow ties. Men if you don't have a bowtie than take a second and think about what you are really doing with your life, because your failing! The suits are cut perfectly to match the modern trends and the look is classic. The Blazers with their unique colors are the must have. White pants buy them already. The look is available to make every man into the icon Gatsby. Then take a second,and pick a pair of prescription glasses, get the look and stun everyone with your Gatsby persona.

Men, this is the time where we can out shine our counter part in the fashion world. Take your fashion and make it unique. American fashion is back and it is time for us all to grasp our own look. Mix, match, and create fashion on these streets that turns heads. The American city boy is now the best dressed man in the world.