Thursday, January 2, 2014

Her New Years Resolutions in 1937 - My Man - If Any

Continuing the resolutions made by the writer in the 1937 Delineator Magazine. Here is her list concerning the Man in her life. 

                                                My Man - If Any

  • To let him walk off with the morning paper because I've ordered another copy for myself. 
  • To flatter him to the point of believing he is a grand cook, so he can prepare the victuals when he invites ten people to dinner on the maid's night out.
  • To make him take care of his own dog even if I must resort to a little well-timed carelessness in feeding the pooch. 
  • To give him advance notice of anniversaries and birthdays, and subtlety be hanged. 
  • To admit I hate prize-fights and cigar smoke.
  • To admire his hair-cut and his new suits, willy-nilly. 
  • To be a veritable lamb and honey-child with women he's interested in, so they'll like me better than they like him. 
  • To develop a few personal extravagances when he starts squandering the family income on stag dinners, green fees and fancy fishing tackle.
  • To encourage him to have his secretary buy gifts for me, so he won't pay outrageous prices in gift shoppes for things I never can use.
  • To make him stop talking about girth and baldness and do something about it. 
  • To have for myself a handsome doctor and a fascinating dentist.
  • To keep him waiting, occasionally, for the good of his soul.
  • To expect orchids (all right, gardenias then) and get them or else---
  • To agree with him, always, in company, but be reasonably firm about my convictions when we're alone.