Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bikini Trends 2014

Bikini trends tend to move a little differently as far as changing compared to other types of fashions such as clothing and accessories. The reason for this is because the designers of swimwear don’t want to take away the basic sexiness of a bikini, monokini, or a full coverage swimsuit, so instead they add different prints and designs to make them still look sexy yet unique.

Vintage swimwear has been brought back and made to look sexy and updated for women today of 2011 and 2012. Many of the vintage bikinis always consisted of ruffles and lace which takes it one step further in making them look extra sexy and feminine.

If you are interested in a vintage type swimsuit, then there are some features that you should look for which include:
• Full tops
• Boy leg bottoms
• Higher waist
• Cinched waist
• Halters
• Higher necklines

Ruffles are very feminine and classy, and you will see several bikinis this summer season with ruffles bordering the tops of the bikinis and the top border of the bottoms.

Crochet bikinis are super sexy and feminine. These types of bikinis actually reveal a lot more skin as opposed to the other styles. They are neatly woven into various different patterns to give them their own unique look. If they are worn correctly, they certainly do give off an extreme sex appeal look and several people will notice.

The shoulder strap bikini is back; it was in style previously in the year 2009. However, for this season, the strap of the bikini will be wider and it will most likely be a different color from the rest of the bikini, unlike how it was in the year of 2009 when the strap was thin and was the same color of the rest of the bikini.

Statement strap bikinis are those that have various different straps that go across the waist, slits through the hips, or strips on the top straps of the bikini. It is easy to picture more of what they look like if you think of pants that have that rebellious ripped look.